Hey everyone!

Yeah so I’ve not posted here in forever and a half. But I’ve been working on game stuff all this time for the most part so… I guess it’s cool? Still not really but eh.

Anyway there’s a new demo of Pylo out that includes the finished world 2 and is a lot more polished in general.  You can grab it from Grit’s site if you want to check it out. Also I’ve started a devlog on TIGSource which I will try to keep updated with art and stuff as we work on the game. The current release of the game also includes a full color GBA-style manual with a lot of character art from me so be sure to check that out!


So yeah that will be it for now. I might have some personal projects coming down the pipeline soon so keep an eye out. Of course I always say that. Just… do it anyway ok.





A new demo of Pylo Noveau has been released. It includes two levels of world 2 and makes several changes to the first world including some bug fixes, level design corrections and various other tweaks. You can download it from here: http://www.box.net/shared/666pmjjjte

For some reason old saves are corrupted for this new version, so if you’ve played the old version your old save won’t work. To compensate, we included a new save file with the demo download which has all of world 1 completed, so you can pick up about where you left off. Just choose to continue after you’ve unzipped the file and you should be all set.

You will come to hate these guys.

Stop teleporting. STOP.


There are no lemon crabs.

Super Fab River Crab

March 4, 2010


So yes I have not posted in a while. Busy busy busy busy busy busy.

But! I am still working on indie game related fun stuff. Right now, I’ve decided to revisit an older game of mine, named Igidibo 2, before moving straight on to Superiority Complex. It’s a rather old project of mine, and I never really gave it a lot of love, so it was never finished. I’m giving it a facelift and gameplay upgrade now, and I also intend to finish it this time. Also, it’s not a particularly complex project, and I’m rather rusty at this whole independent game development thing, so it should be a fantastic warm-up for the type of stuff I’ll be doing for SC.

Ok, enough talking. Screenshot! (You might have to click it to see the whole thing.)

Run, Concierge! Run from love!

Formal Introductions

December 5, 2009

I guess I should get around to finally making a post on my big personal project, which is called “Superiority Complex.” If you have seen it on my games page, you know it will be about a young researcher who is summoned by an old colleague to help explore a strange island and catalog the odd creatures and other various phenomena found there. The island’s biggest enigma is a huge tower, extending far beyond the range of sight into the sky. As an ever-curious man of science, Abel naturally accepts the offer to explore this strange place while catching up with an old friend. However, upon arrival to the island, Abel is met with nothing but bizarre recriminations and hostility from his colleague, who then promptly vanishes into the tower’s entryway. Hoping to understand what has happened to his friend, Abel gives chase and the adventure begins.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward- Abel can shoot his Impacter in four directions, and he can charge it up to release an Ultra Missile. Since the Impacter’s  range is very limited, the Ultra Missile will come in handy when you need to hit an enemy at a long range.

Impacter ->

Ultra Missile ->

Furthermore, Abel can grab ledges to improve his maximum vertical range, and he can do a slide to fit into small gaps, or to move quickly out of the way of a fast moving foe.

I always find that having too many complex actions in a game tends to bog down the… well, action. So I’ve tried to keep Abel’s moves rather simple and easy to pull off when they are needed.

Ok, that’s about it for the introduction! Next time: ENEMIES AND THE PANDA OF LOVE AND BAMBOO-ERY. First area gameplay demo release soon after.

Soul of Fire, Face of Cute

November 18, 2009

The first demo for a fabulous collaboration I am doing with Grit has been released. It is called, fabulously enough, Pylo Noveau. It is a game about being an absurdly cute dragon and breathing fire on other cutesy things. I’m mostly a pixel artist and level design helper for the game, and even then I don’t do most of that, but still… COLLABORATION.

You can so get it right here. Or on Grit’s site. You can also check it out on my games page. Really, the options are endless! (Endless here means that there are exactly three options.)


(I wonder if I use the word ‘fabulous’ too much. Then I remind myself that that is ridiculous. It is impossible to say ‘fabulous’ too much.)

Hey! Grit, developer of the snazzy Pylo Noveau and the original Igidibo, has finally gotten his own webpage. I heartily recommend you check it out here, but I’m totally not going to force you to click that link or anything. Totally.

He’s developed a number of fab games over the years, so go and give them some love (love here means downloading.) I’m sure he’ll really appreciate it, and plus you might have some fun as well.

Magical Neighborhood

November 11, 2009

Bwah. I have a blog now. In case you have no eyes and are getting this read out to you via a talking mechanical elephant, I’ll say that there is nothing here yet. Know also that I envy you.


EDIT: Games page added! It is magical and incomplete and not particularly descriptive of gameplay or anything. You’ll so love it.